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2015 - 2016 Chapter Meeting Schedule

Minimum Standards for Engineers Practicing Fire Protection Engineering in the State of Oklahoma
Brandon Wilkerson
SFPE Oklahoma Chapter
Poole Fire Protection
Brandon Wilkerson (SFPE Oklahoma Chapter, Poole Fire Protection) will be presenting on the progress that the Oklahoma SFPE branch has made and challenges they have faced while developing the Fire Protection Minimum Standards document in Oklahoma. This is a project that the national SFPE office is keeping a close eye on because they would like to see similar standards in place in all states if Oklahoma is successful.

The SFPE Oklahoma Chapter is preparing a document titled "Minimum Standards for Engineers Practicing Fire Protection Engineering in the State of Oklahoma" which strives "to promote public safety and lower construction costs by: streamlining design, review, and construction processes, and reducing financial burdens resulting from inconsistent fire protection practices."

SFPE OK Chapter's ultimate goal is adoption of this document by the Oklahoma PE Board. Once the standard is adopted, they hope that an AHJ education campaign will lead to enforcement and eventually widespread contractor self-regulation of the standards.

SFPE-DFW Involvement:
The local SFPE DFW chapter has proposed forming a committee to revise the document to Texas language and work towards implementation. If there is widespread interest in participation from other Texas chapters, perhaps we can assemble a task force and/or email distribution to unify this effort across the Texas chapters. Note that once we begin editing the standard for Texas use, SFPE national is of the stance that it is important to maintain a single version of the document between our chapters. Additionally, with the exception of state specific requirements, we should try to keep the document as close to Oklahoma's document as possible to promote unified practice across states and simplify implementation should additional states join the effort.
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