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The current Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers was sanctioned by the National Society; in May, 1962.

Prior to that time, there was a group of Alarm Specialists, Sprinkler Contractors, Insurance Companies and employees of the state inspection bureau which met monthly at the Engineers Club in downtown Dallas. The president of the Engineers Club, Mr. George Smith was instrumental in providing a space in the club for their meetings. Speakers from various fields of fire protection and the products used were brought in to up-date the group. Fire losses were discussed as to origin and causes and with input from the State Fire Marshal and the Dallas Fire Chief.

One of the main things, which happened in the 70’s, was stopping the spread of sub-standard fire sprinkler systems (like Bryan Place and in three high rise commercial buildings). We entered a confrontation with the Building official and the Dallas Fire Department. We won with the help of the fire sprinkler manufacturers, the NAS&FCA, and Channel 8. We being the SFPE local chapter.
Later in the 80's, the organization outgrew the Engineers Club location and various other places were used which could accommodate our 30 to 40 SFPE members which regularly attended our meetings.

A trip to Fort Worth to the General Dynamics aircraft facility was attended by 21 SFPE members (enclosed photo) where tests were performed on recently installed fire protection equipment. This trip was made in 1965. Several other trips were scheduled to other locations including Love Field and Dallas Fort Worth Airport to review their fire protection features.
Over the past few years, the chapter has had round table discussions on various facets of fire protection with very good turnouts. We currently have a scholarship program, which is being promoted, at the high school level hoping to interest young people to get into the fire protection field.

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