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Constitution and Bylaws

NAME: The organization's name is the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. The chapter is chartered by the National Society of Fire Protection Engineers in Bethesda, MD herein referred to as the Society.

OBJECTIVES: To advance the field of fire protection engineering, to maintain proper ethical standing among members and to foster fire protection engineering education. The Chapter shall not speak for the Society without specific written authorization. The Chapter shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open only to members of the Society currently residing or working in North Texas. Applications for chapter membership shall be submitted to the First Vice President or designee. Approved application will be recorded in the annual Chapter Directory. Except Student Members, all members shall have voting privileges in Chapter affairs. Chapter members who become ineligible to vote due to loss of Society membership shall have privileges reinstated upon Society reinstatement. Chapter members who fail to pay dues within 60 days of due date shall be forthwith suspended but shall be immediately reinstated, if within 6 months of such suspension they remedy the condition for which they were suspended. The Executive Committee, after due notice, and hearing if requested by the Chapter member, may terminate membership if member is found guilty of unethical professional conduct including, but not limited to, conduct prejudicial to the Chapter or falsification of application. Suspended or terminated individuals may apply for reinstatement and the Executive Committee shall specify procedure to be followed. Individuals not currently members of the Society may be welcomed as Chapter Friends and will be accorded the courtesies of Chapter publications and activities; Directory listing shall designate such parties as "Friends".

CHAPTER LEADERSHIP: Officers shall be President; First Vice President, Membership; Second Vice President, Technical Programs; Secretary; and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected annually by the members in the May business meeting and hold office, without financial compensation, for one year. The Executive Committee includes above officers, both Members-At- Large and the Past President. One Member-At-Large is elected each year to a 2-year term. The President and a majority of the officers shall hold the Grade of Fellow, Member for Life, Member or Associate Member in good standing; except Member-At-Large, shall be Chapter members or friends in good standing. Vacancies in office may be filled, until the May elections, by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

President - Presides at all meetings, is responsible for overall Chapter activities including coordination with the Society and to perform other duties usual to the office. Appoints Committee Chairman such as Nominating Committee, Scholarship Committee, etc. When not available, the First Vice President shall have powers and prerogatives of the President.

First Vice President -
Presides in President's absence and is responsible for membership activities; oversees activities of chapter contractor(s) and/or the Secretary. Second Vice President - Organizes technical programs, especially monthly meetings; secures guest speaker and facilitates such presentation; signs meeting location contracts upon approval by the Executive Committee.

Secretary -
Responsible for development and distribution of all meeting minutes and duties usual to office of the Secretary; assists First Vice President in membership activity as needed; submits membership list (Directory) annually, usually by the January meeting, to the Chapter and the Society.

Treasurer -
Responsible for handling financial affairs of the Chapter and duties usual to the office
of Treasurer. Arrives early to monthly meetings to facilitate nametags for attendees and meeting payment; record expenditures and receipts; prepares annual budget and a financial statement that is to be presented at each regular monthly meeting.

Meets each August and/or September, usually the first regular business Monday of the month, and at the direction of the Chairman or by request of three or more members of the Committee. A majority of the Committee shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Committee. It shall be the specific duty of the Committee to determine the desirability of basic Chapter policy and affairs.

All expenditures exceeding 25% of available moneys shall be approved by vote of the membership at a regular monthly meeting. The Chapter shall not incur financial or contractual obligations upon the Society without written approval of the Board of Directors of the Society.

Meetings shall be held, normally the first business Monday of the month, September through May at 11 :30 AM in a central location normally in western Dallas County. At the May business meeting, the retiring President shall review the activities of the past year and comment regarding the future. The Treasurer shall present a report of receipts and disbursements for the past year, and a statement of assets, liabilities and net worth at the close of the elected term. At least 6 members or 25% of total member ship shall be present in order to transact business at a monthly meeting. Robert's Rules of Order shall normally govern all meetings where consistent with these articles. After appointment by the President, the Nominating Committee Chair shall select two members to form the Committee; a list of officer nominations shall be reported to the Chapter at least 30 days prior to the May meeting; such Chair may not serve consecutive terms. Nominations of officer candidates may also be made from the floor if made preceding the May meeting.

DUES: Annual dues of Members and Friends, both equivalent, are determined by vote of the membership. Dues are payable upon application acceptance and on or before the October meeting each year thereafter. Those who fail to pay their dues within prescribed time shall be suspended after due written notice is given to said individual or their delinquency.

AMENDMENTS: Major revisions of these articles may only be amended at any regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of members present; proposals for amendments shall be distributed in writing to the Secretary. Minor, editorial type revision of articles is made at the discretion of the Executive Committee. All amendments must be consistent to the requirements of the Society Board of Directors.

September 1999
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